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Advertise Opportunities

miFuture app was created by young people for young people, so believe us when we say this is how Generation Z want to be targeted! We offer you a way to embed you brand and opportunity into the consumption behaviour of this digitally native generation. 

With Gen Z you have 1.2 seconds to capture and less than 7 seconds to engage, miFuture allows you to take your engagement to another level in a personalised and non-intrusive solution to the dilution in visibility and promotional noise that they are so astute at disregarding. 

You now have a platform to connect to your next cohort of employees or learners. Join us and be part of the mission changing the face of careers and recruitment


Frequently Asked questions

“How is miFuture different from other places where I can post opportunities?”

miFuture isn’t a job board waiting to be viewed by potential candidates. No longer do you have to wait to be noticed in an incredibly noisy space. Once you upload an opportunity our algorithm sends it out to the hands of young people who match your criteria. We connect our two users (recruiters and candidates) like never before! 

“where Do I upload an opportunity to the app?”

We have a duty of care to our users and to protect them we don’t currently have an open portal to the app, all organisations will need to connect with us so that we can verify that you are a legit company offering suitable opportunities. This is a simple process, just drop us an email at, you will be given a URL and login details to begin. 

“How many opportunities can I offer?”

We have packages from 1 opportunity right up to unlimited postings, we have packages to suit organisations of all sizes. 

“How much does it cost an organisation?”

Subscriptions vary to meet your demands, starting at £30 per calendar month, we don’t charge charities or for posting volunteering positions. 

 “Who can I target?”

 We specialise in helping you target Generation Z, young people who are leaving school or have left school in the last 5 years. Our users are those looking for further education, first and entry level jobs, part time work, work experience, travel experience, gap years etc. None of our users will have a Master’s Degree with 15 years executive experience, if that’s the kind of candidate you are looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

 “Do I have to search through candidates?”

Nope, we know that you are super busy right? So we do all the hard work for you. We specialise in putting your opportunity in the hands of suitable candidates, so you know you’re only getting applications from pre- screened and pre-qualified leads. You post the opportunity, crack on with your other jobs, later review the applications from your dashboard and choose who makes the cut. 

Let's talk...

If you’d like to talk about what miFuture can do for you, more about the platform, or would just like to have a chat. Feel free to get in touch below: