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Gen Z will Change the World

Gemma Hallett | 25th June 2019

Generation Z (Gen Z) will change the world and I am excited for the seismic shift that’s leaving school and marching towards the labour market right now.

Firstly, just to clear this up when I talk of school leavers, many still think ‘Millennials’ which is not right, Millennials are the 15 year generational block that came before Gen Z, the oldest being 37 and the youngest 22.

Half of Millennials are in their 30s, balancing family life and mortgages, filling senior positions and running companies. Not the ‘entitled youth’ some of you would have had in mind hey?

Here come Gen Z

Gen Z are the exciting digital-native generation aged 7 to twenty-two, the elders are now entering the labour market and a hell of a lot more are coming up behind them.

Never has such an informed, socially aware and consciences generation entered the workforce, there’s been progressive changes from the Baby Boomers, to Generation X, to the Millennials for sure.

The world of work is going to be ‘shook’ with what Gen Z will bring.

Growing up in a one-swipe on-demand world, today’s youth have had access to the world of information since they were able to use mam’s smartphone. Never has society had access to such material and knowledge at a young age.

Up until recently, only the most affluent and noble of society had access to such information, the most educated amongst us were able to leverage this information to influence and succeed over others.

But not now, nope, with their smartphones and access to Google and YouTube on demand, a huge amount of young people will grow up far more educated than before.

Not formally educated, not qualified, but far more in-tune, socially capable global citizens… and with great knowledge — comes great power.

Get out of their way

This generation will do incredible stuff and I can’t wait to see what that looks like fifteen years from now.

As they transition fully into the labour market, I encourage older generations with more organisational power to get out of their way, we’ve got to allow them freedom of expression and flexibility in the workplace to allow change to happen.

Another reason Gen Z will change the world is their passion for social entrepreneurship. I’ve seen significant change in the last ten years; back then my students wanted to create digital companies and get that flashy rich lifestyle.

Returning to that environment now I see a huge shift in the desire to make an impact; particularly towards homelessness and the environment. They are astute to our collective social problems and want to make change.

How Gen Z ultimately influence the labour market and the entrepreneurship landscape is still to be seen, but if we get out of their way and give them the freedom and flexibility to apply that knowledge to solve both the micro and macro problems they feel passionately about, I know for sure that Generation Z can lead us into a socially conscious, more tolerable and safer society. And who wouldn’t want to live there right?

Gem Hallett

Chief Mobiliser @miFutureApp

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