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miFuture is a better way of connecting young people with career opportunities.

Here at miFuture we believe all young people deserve access to career options in a format that empowers and supports them in a digital age. We're on a mission to mobilise 100,000 young people towards employability and prosperity.

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Connecting you to
Opportunities in
A single swipe

Looking for career and employment opportunities is hard work, miFuture app is here to help. Create a profile, receive matches and start applying to opportunities all in one place. You can apply for suitable jobs, training, courses and volunteer positions with just a swipe!

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Endless Opportunities
on your mobile

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Because it's

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Let's talk...

If you’d like to talk about what miFuture can do for you, more about the platform, or would just like to have a chat. Feel free to get in touch below: