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3 Tips for Engaging Generation Z

Gemma Hallett | 7th February 2019

College and training providers often come to me with a need to engage and capture Generation Z. Whether it is for courses, candidates, training or volunteering opportunity, there is a real need to find a way to not just engage but to connect and capture this  important audience.    You’re probably thinking right now ‘Who […]

Meet #GenZ: The Career Bouncers

Gemma Hallett | 29th November 2018

I often hear complaints of high churn rates with Generation Z, mostly aimed at how they keep ‘changing their minds’ and are ‘unwilling to commit’ and how they have ‘no work ethic’.   I don’t agree, this may be true of some individuals yes, but this isn’t exclusive to this generation.   There will always […]

3 Ways #GenZ created the Careers App they Want

Gemma Hallett | 1st October 2018

To solve the careers issue in Wales I needed to be a facilitator not a dictator. My vision was a starting point, but over 2500 young people shaped the solution to what it is now; the miFuture app a careers solution for Generation Z. I left teaching and spent 3 years going deep into Generation Z […]