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  • 50% of school leavers say school did not equip them with relevant skills
  • They don't know what skills are wanted of them or what skills they have
  • 55% of businesses face skill shortages costing the economy £12.8 Billion

"Lets build a digital skills solution that redefines how Gen Z acquire future-fit skills, that makes high-valued careers more visible & accessible, and moves our school leavers towards prosperous futures."

Gem Hallett, miFuture Founder

The Challenge

Gen Z tell us they do not know about skills, roles, and sectors of the future and cannot visualise higher valued career pathways - There's a lack of awareness!

There is a mismatch in understanding the skills that are, and will be in-demand and how they go about building them - Future focussed skill development is key!

It goes without saying that if we improve these, we also tackle the dire skill shortage and increase the volume of future talent for Welsh organisations.

The solution 

We need an innovation that embeds skill-based microlearning and assessment, through which we believe games design elements/ gamification is the ‘vehicle’.

We know 'why' we need to build a solution, we now need the brightest, most innovative, and creative minds in one room to help figure out 'how' to do it.

What’s in it for you?

  • New relationships

    Forge new relationships and seize the opportunity to learn from others, experts, and innovators. Who knows it could lead to other opportunities.

  • Prize Fund

    If you have the skills and experience to build the best solution, we have a prize fund for you to create a desktop demo/ prototype.

  • empower a generation

    If you feel passionate about solving this problem for the next generation, and feel that our Gen Z deserve better, come play your part.

How the Day will Work

  • 1

    Ready, Set, Go!

    8:30am arrive for coffee and refreshments for a prompt 9am start. Join your working group, for welcome, introductions, and brief. Learn how we got here and our ambition to tackle Gen Z skills development with operation 'Skill Bursts'.

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  • 2

    Understand the Problem

    'You can't build solutions until you really understand the problem!' Gain insight into the scale of the problem we are here to solve, you'll have access to miFuture’s audience research, stakeholder input and problem statements (conducted in conjunction with Oh Blimey!). As well as input from organisations and young people who have lived experience of the problem.

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  • 3

    Learn from Experts in AI, Gamification, Education & Tech

    As we work in groups to come up with a digital solution to the problem, team members can drop into 10 minute keynote sessions throughout the day; delivered by subject matter experts, you will be encouraged to interpret and include learnings in your proposals. 

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    Pitch Your Proposal

    Your working group will present a solution to the judging panel and the winning proposal will get prizes.

    *If you have the skills and experience to pursue building the proposal there's a prize fund to create a desktop demo and work with us on bringing the solution to life.

    We'll look to end the day around 3pm, allowing time and space for networking or to catch up on work tasks.

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Come as a Team or an Individual

If you have skills and experience in tech development, game design, interactive media or any digital creative outlet, with a passion for solving this problem, come join us... there's a prize fund to build a demo of the winning proposal!

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