5 Steps to Get Started in Coding

updated on 15 February 2024

Learning to code can be overwhelming because there are so many different languages and techniques to learn, as well as a large number of concepts and principles to understand.

Don't worry, because here's some simple steps to get you started...

1. Start by Researching Coding Languages

Get to know languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, to determine which you want to learn, and how they are relevant to building the different types of software that interest you.   

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2. Tune in to Tutorials

There are so many online tutorials and courses to learn the basics of coding and get an idea of what these languages involve and create. Always look for 'basic' or 'beginner' content, you don't want to be overwhelmed by watching advanced tutorials. 

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3. Set up a Development Tool and Get Started

This isn't anything new, on your laptop you'll already have necessary tools and programmes you use e.g. for writing a document you'll be using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You'll be using Photoshop or similar to edit photos and images, and you'll have cloud space on Microsoft Drive or Google Drive to save everything etc. Similarly, you'll need platforms where you'll be coding, and that's what a Integrated Development Environment is.

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4. Consider a Bootcamp or Academy

Once you've started coding simple projects to get a better understanding of the language and its syntax. Consider taking a coding bootcamp or academy, these often range from a few hours a week to 10 weeks intense learning, generally they are free at this level, and could be online and in person. We share some great ones regularly. 

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5. Get Involved

Join events, forums, and communities these can be these are generally safe spaces to ask questions and get feedback from other developers. Attending hackathons and coding challenges you can practice your coding skills and test yourself. These communities allow you to keep learning and build more complex skills.   

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Remember, coding is the number one in-demand skill, globally. In just getting started with the above steps you are making moves towards a career that has huge potential and an abundance of opportunities. 

You've got this! 😎✌️

Gem Hallett, miFuture Founder.

www.miFuture.co.uk | @miFutureSkills

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