Digital Skills for the Future of Work

updated on 29 May 2024

Basic digital skills are a work necessity and advanced digital skills are growing in demand.

"Digital Skills" means not only technical skills, which is the skills to use and build within specific software programs, but also the more general skills like communicating effectively online, to find and use information, and to collaborate with others in a virtual setting.

With the rapid pace of technological change, it is essential that you gain the skills needed to succeed in a digital working environment.

Benefits of Digital Skills

One of the key benefits of having strong digital skills is that they can help you be more productive and efficient, making you more employable. For example, the ability to use productivity tools such as spreadsheets and word processing  can help you complete tasks more quickly and accurately, but these are only a basic level of skills you are likely to need, and not necessarily in high demand, but will be 'expected'.

Then there are collaboration tools such as video calls and project management platforms which help teams to work together better, even if they are located in different parts of the world. The pandemic accelerated the need for many workplaces to use this technology, your ability and confidence in using these platforms will also be expected by employers.

As well as making you more productive in a digital workplace, strong digital skills can also help you be more competitive in the job market, and this is where you can begin to focus on getting ahead.

More and more companies are relying on digital technologies, and that means needing more and more people with the skills needed to get to work in this environment. This means that if you have strong digital skill set you are more likely to be considered.

Advanced Digital Skills is where the money is at! 

Then we get into 'Advanced digital skills', which is the next level knowledge and abilities necessary to use digital technologies to find, analyse, create, and share information.

Having advanced digital skills, means the ability to use digital tools such as project management, databases, and data analysis software, as well as the ability to analyse, interpret, and visualise data and digital information. Advanced digital skills also include the ability to design and develop digital products, such as websites and applications, and the ability to create and maintain digital interactions and cloud solutions.

Here's a list of Advanced Digital Skills 🚀

  • Coding/ Programming
  • Web Development 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analysis
  • Mobile App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Editing 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Cloud Computing  

Both basic and advanced digital skills are hugely important for the future of work.

Whether you are just starting out in a job or continuing with college and training, it is important to continue developing and updating your digital skills in order to stay competitive and be successful - and we are here to help you do that with regular opportunities posted on our social channels, just hit the icons on our homepage and give us a follow.

You can also check out our other blog '6 Basic Digital Skills Every School Leaver Should Have' for easy ways to get stated on your digital upskilling journey.

You've got this! 😎✌️

Gem Hallett, miFuture Founder. | @miFutureSkills

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