miFuture Retires App to Focus on Core Business and Skills Innovation

updated on 12 June 2024

Today we retire miFuture app, as it skips off into the sunset we now focus all our company’s efforts on a new skills innovation. 


We have made the decision to retire our 'miFuture app' in order to focus our resources on our core business and innovate further. We are confident that this move will allow us to better serve young people and create long-term value for the community and relationships we have proudly nurtured over 7 years.

The app allowed school leavers to swipe through career opportunities and apply instantly for jobs, courses, apprenticeships and experiences. While the award winning app has been well-received, we've decided to invest our resources in more strategic areas of innovation.

We have identified an opportunity to better meet the needs of young people and have decided to take a different approach of nurturing future-fit skill development aligned with the needs of hyperlocal growth and emerging sectors.

This is not necessarily a pivot, but a 'sharpening of focus',  which will help us better serve our community and provide them with an improved experience. We are excited for this new chapter in our business and look forward to seeing how young people seeking alternatives to university will benefit from this renewed focus.

“I want to personally thank our app users, collaborators, partners and customers for their support and feedback since launching, and show my gratitude to every advisor, mentor and friend that contributed to our journey to date - you were instrumental.” said Gemma Hallett, Non-Technical Founder of miFuture Group. “We've gathered incredible partners and collaborators in this community, many of which will continue to play an integral part in co-producing the next skills innovation with us. Our mission is clear, the strength of our community is strong, and together our ambition will be unrivalled"

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to providing you with the best possible experience. Non app activity will continue as normal, miFuture will continue to provide engagement and support for our audience and community.

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